Brussels ULB Autumn Course 2016

It’s raining men in Brussels

The theme of our BEST Autumn course 2016 is something we use every day, yet not everybody has access to it: Water. The aim of this course is to give an overview of water in engineering process.

Firstly, the importance of water will be pointed out. The subject of its provenance and its first apparition in the universe will then be tackled. Some biological and chemical aspects will also be discussed. This first part of the course is pure science. It is there to have a better understanding of the subject of the course.

Once students know more about water, issues encountered by the industrial world will be presented to the students. Indeed, in the industrial world, tons of liters of water are used every day. That is why a water processing chain is necessary. This chain includes a lot of different processes. To name but a few, it includes the collection of used water or water purification. These processes most of the times are realized using machineries that engineers must size. The calculations of a sizing will be explained to the students. Another point approached in this course is the quality of water. Indeed, once the water is purified, its quality needs to be checked to be sure it is drinkable or to see if the legal conditions to release it in the nature are met.

All the classes will be given by Professors of the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

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You can find bellow a planning describing the organisation of the week. You just have to click on “Course planning” to download the pdf.

Course Planning

Survival Guide

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