EBEC ULB 11th Edition

The EBEC local round of ULB took place on the 4th of March. It began in the morning by welcoming all the entrants and explaining them how the contest would be planned. The different teams had to build a bridge, a train and its propulsion system.

The entrants had acces to a wide variety of components such as small motors, corks, plastic stoppers, scotch tape or ropes. The participants had four hours to conceive their prototype. When the time was left, each team had to present their device in front of a professionnal jury, composed by academic professors, a former student and members of the National Belgian Railways Society. This jury had to evaluate this prototype by giving grades according to specific criteria like ingeniosity, originality and robustness.


Posted by BEST Brussels ULB on Thursday, March 23, 2017


At last, we would like to thank all the people and sponsors who helped us to organize this awesome event.

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