February 23, 2016

Board & Members

Roles in the LBG (Local Best Group)



The president is responsible for keeping track of the overall activities in the LBG (Local BEST Group), coordinating the board and preparing the meetings of the board. The president must also ensure contact with the International Bodies of BEST and contact within the faculty and other NGOs.


The treasurer administrates the accounts of the organization, establishes financial reports, prepares a budget proposal for the next term and follows up the budget of events.


The secretary is responsible for organizing the meetings of the LBG, ensuring the overall information flow in the group, managing the archives of the LBG and managing the legal obligations of the NGO.

Vice-President Human Resources

The Human Resources responsible manages membership and recruitment process, organization of motivational events in the LBG and overviews motivation of each delegate throughout the year.

Vice-President Fundraising

The Fundraising responsible builds fundraising strategy based on sponsors or grants and looks for money to organize events. To do so, the responsible coordinates all the fundraising roles in the LBG.

Vice-President Public Relations

The PR responsible establishes a promotional plan for the LBG, ensures proper external communication and proper marketing materials. To do so, the responsible coordinates all PR related roles in the LBG.

Main Organisers


The Course is the biggest event we organize each Autumn in Brussels. 22 European students are hosted by our group to follow classes in the ULB. The Main Organiser, managing a core team, makes sure this event goes well.

EBEC Team Design

EBEC is an international competition in BEST. This contest has two different categories, one of which is the Team Design where competitors need to build a device in teams. The Team Design Organiser ensures the organization of the local round in the ULB.

Case Study

The Case Study is a competition where students must analyse a real-life problem and present their solution in front of a jury consisted of professionals. The Organiser ensures the facilitation of this event.

Polytech Game

The Polytech Game is an event co-organised with the Bureau des Etudiants de Polytechnique (BEP), an other student association in our faculty. Aimed at belgian high school students, this event is close to the Team Design concept, where teams of competitors need to build a device. The high school students are given the chance to discover the Polytechnique faculty in an informal way. Together with BEP delegates, the organizer ensures this event success.

BEST Food Festival

BEST Food Festivals are small events frequently organised in our office where differents meals are proposed for a cheap price in a relaxed atmosphere. The responsible ensures their organisation throughout the year.


Web & Redaction

The Web and Redaction delegate ensures publications of articles on the website or other medias for each event or special occasion.


The Designer ensures the making of proper marketing materials for the LBG. BEST related design hast to match the international chart of the association.


The Grants delegate is in charge of grants applications and seek support for different events organised by BEST.

Office & Party

This delegates is responsible for keeping the office in a proper state, as well as organising diverse parties in it.


The picture delegate ensures the picture covering of events organized in BEST.



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