March 17, 2016


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European BEST Engineering Competitions are events where teams of students use their technical, social and communicative skills to compete in different categories: Team Design, Case Studies, Negotiation and Debates.

EBEC pyramid represents the three levels of Competitions: First level – Local BEST Engineering Competition (LBEC) – is held within one University and organised by one Local BEST Group (LBG). Winners of this level go to the next one.

Second level – Regional/National BEST Engineering Competition (RBEC/NBEC) – is held within one region/country and organised by one of the LBGs from that region/country. This level has 13 Regional/National BEST Engineering Competition (RBEC/NBEC).Winning teams go to the next, last, level of Competitions.

Third level – European BEST Engineering Competition Final event (EBEC Final) – involves students from more than 80 universities represented in BEST and the winners are awarded the honorary title of best European engineers.


Students are offered to participate in these two categories:

Team Design: the competitors need to build a device, that has to perform the needed actions in order to solve a given problem;

Case Study: it’s a more abstract competition which consists of analysing and solving a real-life problem with no actual construction of any device or assembling of some materials, but using the information given to develop hypothetical solutions.

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